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About GentleForge

We are a small group of German People that want to bring the old Games feeling back Most games today lack in depth and only focus on visuals rather than Gameplay. We want to bring the Fun and social Aspect in Games back, but we know we all are different now. Thats why we want to bring back the Old shool feeling and social aspect in games but with a modern touch, wich means better interface and controlls and lot of Features that are a must have for modern Times.

What do we do?

Currently we focus on small Multiplayer Games to get a Budget and make a name out there. But as soon as we have all this, we want to focus on bigger Multiplayer Games with RPG Elements. Our Final goal is to make the Biggest VR-MMO, thats why we focus on the small Steps towards the Goal.

How about Some Fun Facts about our studio?

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Mehr als die Vergangenheit interessiert mich die Zukunft, denn in ihr gedenke ich zu leben.

-- Albert Einstein --

Our Team

Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built the dream



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Our Games

Here you can see Screenshot´s and Details for our current Projects and Future planned ones.


What we search for

We Search for People that share the same goal and can work at their own. You need to be able to kick your own ass and self motivate. Because we are all Passionate and make games not for the Money, we make them to make people happy. And because we want to play them.

If you want to contact us, here you can

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Dont be shy, contanct us if you have to say something. Every feedback about us or our Games is welcome, as long as it is not flaming or trolling.

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